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  Technology News 
Google launches stand-alone to-do list app
Here's what we know about Nintendo's Switch Online
Trust your coworkers? Best to lock your screen when leaving your desk
Android Go: Is Android's light version for cheap phones any good?
The new Honor 10 has a fingerprint scanner built in under the screen
Banks caught in data dilemma as EU pulls them in two directions
Watch out Dell: Lenovo’s making a splash with gaming rigs
Blocking 500 million users is easier than complying with GDPR
Ever wondered what your favourite photographs ‘sound’ like?
Austrian data privacy activist takes aim at ‘forced consent’
  Tech Views 
Skip is a new dockless electric scooter sharing service from Boosted Boards team
Google introduces wheelchair paths to maps
Cybercrime in the workplace: What to look out for
Peugeot drives back into the US market but not with cars
CES 2018 will have new Sports Zone
Volkswagen to electrify entire range by 2030
Photo Kit: Another one bites the dust
Photo Kit: Kickstarter cable conundrum
Photo Kit: Embrace the swirly bokeh
Photo Kit: Taking better photos of your pets (and kids)
Fujifilm: Mirrorless cameras continue to overtake DSLRs
Google Clips: Camera with ‘new angle,’ or a return to creepy?
Here’s one way to look flawless in your selfies
Four instant cameras for snap ‘n’ share summer fun
Sigma announces four new lenses
EOS M5: Canon's mini mirrorless marvel
Polaroid Pop: A modern reimagining of iconic instant print cameras
CES 2017: Panasonic’s new 4K champ
Snap! Canon introduces the EOS M5
Take control of your iPhone camera with ProCam 4
Oculus Go to hit the market very soon
Galaxy A8+: A definite A+
Huawei Mate 10: A good Mate
Nova 2i: Four better than two
Gear Fit 2 Pro: Gear up to get fit
Microsoft to release more powerful Surface Book 2
Gamer gear maker Razer jumps into smartphone market against Apple, Samsung
Nokia 8: A return to form?
Pixel smartphone upgrade highlights Google push into hardware
Medion introduces new gaming PCs and notebook
Yakuza 3 through to Yakuza 5 releasing on PlayStation 4
‘Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version’ is coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan
‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ expands to three Zombies modes
‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’ multiplayer to contain story elements
Mobile ‘Project Cars GO’ coming from motorsport studio
‘Metro: Exodus’, ‘Stalker 2’ set release dates
Classic NES and SNES: mini consoles stocked until year end
‘Radical Heights’, ‘LawBreakers’ developer shuts down
Latest update to ‘PUBG Mobile’ adds Miramar map and more
PlayStation picks four big games for E3 2018

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