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Health And Medical > General

Pharmacy Fridge
Suppliers of fridges to the pharmacy, dispensary, healthcare and medical industry.
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Business And Economy > Shopping
A drugstore selling discount Nicorette, Nicorette Gum, Nicotinell, Imedeen, Zinaxin, pharmaceuticals, stop smoking gum, nicorette patches, vitamin and mineral supplements.
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Health And Medical > Medical Supply

GE Medical Systems E-sourcing Site
Visit GE Medical Systems' e-sourcing site and apply to qualify as a GE supplier. Only for suppliers in Asia Pacific.
Hits:23571 Rating:10 Votes:1 (Last Modified on: 8/17/2001 Hits: 23571 Votes: 1)

Business And Economy > Finance

RHB Invest (Rashid Hussain Securities)
RHBInvest is a Malaysian investment and financial website, dedicated to providing its clients and members with real time financial information, research and on line stock trading.
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Hotels > Foreign

The Sukhothai Bangkok
The Sukhothai Bangkok is a deluxe, five-star hotel epitomising the exquisite taste and hospitality that is the essence of Thailand.
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Business And Economy > Florist

Send flowers, cakes, chocolates, sweets and other gifts to India
Send flowers, gifts, chocolates, cakes, sweets, teddy, dry fruits etc. to India through our site.
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Business And Economy > Business Opportunity

Welcome to IOI Group
Corporate Information, plantation,property, industrial gas,oleochemical,landscape,leisure,strategic framework,group structure,business opportunity,marketing,product range, financial highlights,announcement,stock performance,commodity price,annual report..
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Business And Economy > Furniture

Timeless Design-Modern Classic Bauhaus design furniture
Timeless Design offering a complete lifestyle looks for your home and office with inspiring designs for every room, we specialized feature 20th century modern classic furniture that are functional, stylish and utterly inspirational.
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Business And Economy > Electronics

ATAGO Co.,Ltd. :refractometers, polarimeters, Brix, refractive
manufacture of refractive index, ICUMSA, sugar, refractometer, Brix, polarimeter, saccharimeter, pHmeter, saltmeter, Abbe, hand-held, automatic, digital, in-line process.
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Computer And Internet > Freebies

FREE SMS to Mobile Providers in Malaysia
Send Free Short Mail Messages - SMS to anyone who has a number or line with the Maxis or Celcom network.
Hits:7583 Rating:6 Votes:20 (Last Modified on: 11/28/2000 Hits: 7583 Votes: 20)

Computer And Internet > Internet

The Rakyat Post - One Source, All Sides
The Rakyat Post is an revolutionary online news portal focusing on local politics and business. Get the latest news in Malaysia from all perspectives.
Hits:5533 Rating:10 Votes:1 (Last Modified on: 2/5/2014 Hits: 5533 Votes: 1)

Computer And Internet
International Search Engine!
Hits:5396 Rating:10 Votes:29 (Last Modified on: 6/28/2000 Hits: 5396 Votes: 29)

Personal Homepage > A

Melayu dot Net
Pelbagai rahsia misteri khasiat ubat tradisional nasihat orang tua watak dan peribadi berdasarkan tarikh lahir dan gerak badan tafsir mimpi dan email pop3
Hits:5085 Rating:6 Votes:3 (Last Modified on: 1/28/2003 Hits: 5085 Votes: 3)

Entertainment > General Entertainment

Golden Screen Cinemas - Your Preferred Choice
Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is one of Malaysia's largest chain of cinemas in large shopping malls in and around Malaysia. Guaranteed to satisfy your movie needs.
Hits:4506 Rating:10 Votes:1 (Last Modified on: 10/13/2000 Hits: 4506 Votes: 1)


ExamPlanner - exam timetable software
Calculix ExamPlanner supplies exam timetable software and services to academic institutions worldwide. Our timetabling software is all web based, and is suited to a university or large college.
Hits:4363 Rating:5 Votes:5 (Last Modified on: 3/22/2001 Hits: 4363 Votes: 5)


Rio Rica. Your coffee on-line.
Welcome to Rio Rica virtual coffee shop, the right place where purchase the best coffee blends and coffee pods. place on your order on-line
Hits:4219 Rating:1 Votes:1 (Last Modified on: 1/30/2001 Hits: 4219 Votes: 1)

Business And Economy > Water Filter

Direct Piping and Bottled Water Dispensers
Compeer is a reverse osmosis water brand manufactured by Agies Resources Sdn Bhd. Agies also supplies water dispensing machines and has 20 years of experience in this sector
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Arkansas PTA
The official Web site for the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Hits:4069 Rating:5 Votes:4 (Last Modified on: 7/29/2001 Hits: 4069 Votes: 4)

Business And Economy > Baby Products

Welcome To Leachco Baby Care Products
Looking for safe products for infant or child? Check out Leachco where safety is a priority. Leachco develops unique and innovative child care products for infants, children and toddlers.
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Belden Arts
Belden Arts Australian mail Order Catalogue. Gifts Bargains watches zodiacs charms pendants specials. free money reports
Hits:3599 Rating:1 Votes:1 (Last Modified on: 5/6/2000 Hits: 3599 Votes: 1)

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