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Singapore FriendFinder Personals

Are you looking for Singaporean Friends? If so, then this is the place for you. Find your perfect Singaporean Soul Mate here. We have many Singaporean guys and girls here just waiting to be your friend or even life partner. Guaranteed Match Making heaven! What are you waiting for? Join in the fun today!

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Nickname Sex Age Birthday Purpose State Tag Line Hits
rolandkoh52  Male 66 19-Jun Short term relationship Others I am very hot in sex 499
1247  Male 33 15-Jan Lover Others Charismatic & law abiding 623
Jay29  Male 41 29-Jan Friendship Others Easy going person 597
francisroz  Male 56 10-Apr Long term relationship Others You are, what you are? 911
sgmariner  Male 39 4-May Short term relationship Others looking for short term relationship 1064
dolphine  Male 42 28-Jul Friendship Others all i have is love tender and care 697
ashritha  Female 34 9-Jun Friendship Others Love is only part of life,Love is not... 1925
surin2011  Male 47 31-Jul Long term relationship Others Sincere and a genuine friend 743
northindian69  Male 45 24-Feb Lover Johor I love it 676
781125  Male 40 29-Jun Friendship Negeri Sembilan abcdefgh 671
RatuHantu  Female 49 25-Jan Friendship Others Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today ... 892
pelandok  Male 34 26-Sep Lover Others Singaporean Guy looking for friends 632
dewiasmara  Female 44 8-Nov Friendship Others Friendship Is Precious 1820
AbbeBaby  Male 40 10-Jan Lover Others Cool! 792
ranger_back  Male 32 1-Feb Friendship Others LOVE THE PERSON WHO IN LOVE IN U 689
Cheers1979  Female 39 23-Sep Friendship Others A friend is in need is a friend indee... 852
Bob69  Male 55 29-May Activity Partner Others sensitive & Sentimentel 673
sex4u  Male 40 24-May Friendship Others Enjoy your life 1463
4154  Male 38 26-Sep Lover Others Lover is what you looking for........... 1173
viji_op  Male 43 1-Jan Friendship Others Hai hai 788

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