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Do you want to know why you should sign up as a Webportal Auction member? Well if you don't, let us tell you why. Just read on to see the real benefits of joining us.

Reasons Why You should Join Us:

1. Cheapest Way to be E-nabled
By Joining as a Webportal Member, you can e-nable yourself on the internet. You will be able to sell your products over the internet without the need to spend Tens of Thousands of Ringgit to establish your Online Website. We have done it all for you!

2. Definate traffic puller
Our Portal site generates numerous visits daily. By leveraging on this advantage, you can be sure that your products listed here are highlighted to surfers & visitors to our website. We perform, on your behalf, all the promotions that need to be done so that you can concentrate on your business instead of concentrating on tactics to increase your website traffic.

3. On-Going Software & Website Improvements
The Team is always trying hard to improve the services offered at our site. With that you can rest assure that visitors will continue to visit this forever improving and changing website.

4. Sales 24 Hours a day!
By having your items listed on our Webportal Auction, not only can you get good offer prices for your goods, you can also be assured that even when you're at work, off work, sleeping or playing hard, your products are still available for bidding and sale 24 hours a day. Basically you have a situation what we call 24/7 (Online 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a week!)

5. MyWebportal Consolidation System
Our Webportal Consolidation system which is currently under works will be live soon to help you monitor your current auctions. You will not have to log into the different pages where your goods are listed. You can just log into your MyWebportal Account and you will be able to see what items you have listed for auction or which items you have bidded on.

6. Merchants & Members share benefits!
It does not matter whether you're just a Merchant or a Member, everybody shares the auctioning system and everybody (as long as you're a member) share the same benefits of being a member.

7. It's Free!
Yes, you heard right! does not plan to charge our customers for joining as members or merchants. This service will be offered FREE for a long while to come yet. So leach on today and see what benefits we have and how we can help you generate more sales via our Online Auctioning System.

8. Continuous Support
The Team is constantly monitoring our website and thus is prepared to offer assistance to any of our members or merchants on any matter pertaining to our portal that they might have. All enquiries should be directed to We do get quite a lot of emails, so your patience is much appreciated. All mails are reverted within the shortest time frame possible.

So what are you waiting for?
Join Now!

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